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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 22, 2023 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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17 times forward earnings, 3% dividend yield. all right. and jacob, real quick, what's your stock pick? mcdonald's. it's down. it was down as much as 13% since the middle of september when the ozempic news really hit and really made people afraid of people's appetites for unhealthy foods like mcdonald's. if you look at $2,728 billion of annual sales, probably north of a billion purchases made a year and the fact that the people the number of people are going to use ozempic next year is not even going to be 20 million. even though it's growing. that doesn't hold a candle to the size of mcdonald's. all right. interesting pick. and not just because you brought french fries for us today. thank you, guys. thank you, andrew, jacob, ben, great ideas. to read more, check out this week's edition at and don't forget to follow us on x, formerly known as twitter at barron's online. that's all for us. see you next week on barron's roundtable rachel: absolutely. pete: have a blessed sunday, everybody. rachel: bye, everybody. ♪ maria: good sunday morning,
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everyone. thanks so much for joining us this morning. welcome to "sunday morning futures. "i'm maria bartiromoment bloodshed rising as a israel prepares to retaliate in a ground war against terrorists in gaza. coming up, texas senator ted cruz on the implications of misfired foreign policy, plus, john ratcliffe on who contact9ly has the precision weapons that hamas is using and what will a ground assault look like if in gaza saw. retired general anthony data that is here with analysis. then the wide open border and its impact, attorneys general from texas and iowa on the terrorist threat already inside the gates of the usa. ken paxton and brenna bird are here on the impact on communities across the country. all of this happening as a congress battles over its own leadership. former california congressman and former chairman of the intelligence committee devin nuñes on the fight to be speaker and the role of the media
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throughout. it's all right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and we begin this sunday morning with breaking news from israel as the war against hamas terrorists enters a 16th day. this morning a 1,400 israelis are dead, more than 4,# 600 palestinians are dead including 32 americans killed. now fears are how abouting that the war could spread to other parts of the middle east as iran continues its terror campaign through approximate i says. joining me right now is texas senate ted cruz who sits on the senate foreign relations and judiciary committees. senator, good to have you this morning, thanks very much for being here. >> maria, good morning. good to be with you. maria: let me get your take from a policy perspective what you can do, what you and your colleagues can do in the face of this bloodshed.
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>> well, this attack is the worst attack on israel in 50 years. this is, what happened on october 7th in the early mornings of of course 7th is the single largest mass murder of jews many a day since the holocaust -- in a day since the holocaust. and israel right now is, quite rightly, responding. and they are responding, prime minister netanyahu has made cheer that his objective is -- clear that his objective so to the utterly eradicate hamas. these terrorists went from home to home to home going after civilians, deliberately murdering the elderly, murdering women, murdering children. they would murder entire families simply because they were jewish. they violently raped women and young girls, publicly parading them in the street. they murdered and decapitated and burned alive toddlers and infants. this is horrific, and it is evil
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what hamas terrorists have done. now, going forward there's several steps for u.s. policy. number one, we need to cut off the funding that has enabled this attack to happen. and what is so infuriating is over the last two and a half years joe biden and the biden administration have flowed nearly $100 billion to iran. understand, hamas is a proxy for iran. without iran, this would be no hamas. -- there would be no hamas. and the "wall street journal" has reported this attack was planned, funded and directed by iran, and yet the biden administration continues to allow billions and billions of dollars to flow to the ayatollah to be used to murder israelis and to murder americans. maria: that is exactly right, senator. and is right now we have iranian sympathizers working within the biden add administration, and that is why i started asking you what can you do about a it.
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because these atrocities are continuing, and we have robert malley, apparently biden's chief negotiator in the iran nuclear talks, we have others that are still working in the administration that have been leading this effort to get the united states back into an iran deal, leading this effort to, in fact, lower the sanctions enabling iran to generate billions in revenue. and what are they doing with the money? they are empowering these terrorists. >> well, and what you just mentioned with rob malley remains one of the greatest national security scandals in our nation's history. so rob malley was joe biden's chief negotiator for iran. he's an incredible iran sympathizer. he is an ad a slow candidate can, a passionate advocate for the disastrous obama-iran nuclear are deal. but he also has extraordinarily bad judgment. he's been fired. he's had his can security clearances stripped which i want you to pause and think just how
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bad does this conduct have to be to have his security clearances pulled by this ideological and radical white house. but we now know also that, among other things, three of rob malley's top advisers, his inner circle that he relied on, were iranian operatives. they were the recruited by the government of iran, they were directed by the iranian foreign minister, they reported to the iranian foreign minister. we have their e-mails now in which they discuss, one of them discusses with the foreign minister that his loyalties are with the government of iran, and he is there to do whatever they direct including making the the message from within the federal government that there's nothing wrong with iran having a nuclear stockpile. you literally had three iranian spies working in senior positions directly around the u.s. government. one of them, as far as we know, remains a chief of staff in the department of defense to in this
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day with access to classified documents. and yet the corporate media cannot be brought to mention that three iranian spies were brought into senior levels of government with access to classified materials while working directly for iran, the same iran that just murdered 31 americans and 400 israelis -- 1400, the same iran directed by an ayatollah who regularly leads mobs chanting death to america and death to israel. maria: and we knew this, senator. i mean, we knew that while they were negotiating on the iran deal. >> yes. maria: the ayatollah was saying death to america at that time. and this administration continued to pursue, to the pursue, to pursue. >> yes. maria: why? >> you know, they have an ideological obsession. number one, their approach to every enemy of america is appease ifment, and that's true whether it's russia, that's true whether it's china, whether it's north korea, that's true whether it's it's venezuela, whether
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it's iran. their response, i've got9 to tell you, they have taught our enemies that the worse they are, the more money joe biden will give you. you know, i mentioned the $100 billion, and it's worth focusing on that for a moment. a lot of folks now are talking about the $6 billion, the $6 billion got a lot of coverage. the biden administration spent $6 billion that was essentially ransom money to free five american hostages. now, at the time that happened i said publicly, many others said publicly, this is terrible policy. you're effectively putting a bounty on the heads of americans. you're telling bad guys we'll pay you $1.2 billion a person for every american hostage that you have, and i predicted at the time our enemies will take more american hostage as, and is iras bounty -- will take more american host an aings. they now have roughly 3200 israeli hostages -- 200 and about a dozen american hostages. so i'm sorry to say that
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prediction came through within weeks. but that's just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the money that went to iran. before the $6 billion, the biden administration sent $10 billion that went from iraq to iran, and the biggest pot of money deals with the refusal of the biden administration to enforce oil sanctions. u.s. law9 puts tough oil sanctions on iran. biden came in, immediately stopped enforcing them. today iran is selling 2 million barrels a day of oil. that has produced $80 billion roughly in revenue. that is funding these hamas death squads, that is funding the rockets, that is funding terrorism. and the biden administration, something that he could do today the -- he gave a speech last week. you know what was not in the speech? su saying we're going to enforce the oil sanctions, and we're to going to cripple the iranian regime and take away their money. that still, joe biden and the democrats have still proven
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unwilling to do. maria: yeah, that's a great point. and it was just stunning to me to the understand the fact that while this administration was actually negotiating to pay money for those hostages, the iranians were actually planning on taking more hostages. and that is exactly what they did. >> yeah. maria: they unfroze the money, they went in, a hamas went in and took more hostages. that is exactly what happened. i want to get your take on what happened with jack lew last week. your chief heard the hearing of the former treasury secretary under president obama. he wants to be the next ambassador to israel. is it going to pass? >> well, i don't know. i think he's a terrible choice. i think you are see republicans voting against him. the question is, does every democrat vote party line in and they might. jack lew was the treasury secretary under barack obama. he was one of the critical call point people for negotiating and implementing the obama-iran nuke hard deal. jack lew played a critical point
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in flowing over $100 billion to iran. that was catastrophically stupid then, it hurt american interests, it cost american lives. and now joe biden has taken the appeasement of barack obama towards iran, has taken it to another level. and he wants to put as the point person for the administration in israel someone who has funded in a very real way the death squads that are attacking israel. i think that's a mistake. this in ordinary times i think there'd be a reasonable chance that some democrats would say, look, this is a bad choice and would vote no. maria: yeah. >> right now the white house is saying, well, if you support israel, you've got to give us an ambassador there. i think it'd be gate to have an ambassador this, it'd be even better to have an ambassador who isn't responsible for funding the theocratic lunatics who are murdering your citizens and to have an ambassador there who hasn't implemented policies for years that that undermine the state of israel. we need to support israel, in
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the undermine israel and fund their enemies. maria: right. real quick on the package that the president is asking, he wants to tie the money together, the money going to israel as well as money going to ukraine. he's talking about humanitarian aid for the palestinians as a well. what about that package? will it passes? go? >> i think it's a big mistake. i don't know if it'll pass. but what the biden white house and chuck schumer is doing is deep thely cynical. israel military aid is enormously popular. there's big, bipartisan support for israel military aid. he's taking the popularity of supporting israel, and he's holding it hostage. the only -- the hostages are not just being held by hamas, the host an as are also being held by the biden white house because he's saying you can have israel military aid if you pass everything i want on ukraine, if you pack e pass biden's border security funding. what it really is, is funding to
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accelerate illegal immigration can, to have more buses and planes taking illegal immigrants to every city in america. and if you pass all of his priorities, it's a christmas tree, then you can have israel funding. what we ought to do is we ought to vote on a clean israel funding bill that provides the military aid they need, the weapons, the ammunition, the additional munitions for iron dome and david's sling and arrow ii and iii, the missile defense systems. if we voted on that, it would pass overwhelmingly. and i think joe biden and the democrats need to stop playing games with israel funding. and you mentioned also, maria, the funding for gaza? this has been another indefensible step of this administration. joe biden has already sent hundreds of millions of dollars for gaza. i led 17 senators saying do not send that money, because it will go to hamas, and they will use it for terrorism. 145 democrat congressmen sent a letter saying do send that money despite the fact that it will go
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to terrorism, and we now know the biden administration assessed the matter, and they agreed with me. they concluded that there was, quote, a high likelihood this money would to to hamas and be used for terrorism. and then you know what they did? the they waived u.s. antia-terrorism law and sent the money anyway. biden wants to send more money the goz saw -- gaza that will be used to fund terrorism. it's the only thing they know allowed to do, funding terrorist, and it's a very, very bad idea. maria: senator, we had been watching your work. thank you so much for joining me. >> thank you, maria. maria: senator ted cruz. now here's a flashback from this program back in 2021. watch. >> path that the biden administration has chosen with respect to iran means that there's going to be chaos is and war in other places in the middle east. if you give iran more money to fund terrorism like they've done in the if the past with the $100
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billion that the obama-biden administration gave them in the first failed jcpoa agreement, they're only going to do the that again. i think it's really troubling, maria, that the approach that the biden administration has taken is to take our sovereign ally in the middle east, israel, and bring them down to the same level where they've raised hamas, a terrorist organization, and said both parties are at fault. maria: yeah. >> i think that's really a tragic and troubling foreign policy approach. maria: and we welcome back to the program the former director of national intelligence john ratcliffe. john, you could not have been more spot on in that interview back in may of 2021. your reaction to what has played out. >> well, maria, it's it's in the that i was good at predicting the future, it was that i was good at reading our intelligence reports. look, throughout 2020 the iranian military leaders and political leaders were telling us as we listened in on their conversations, we're broke. we can't afford to fun hamas.
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we can't -- to fund hamas. with we can't afford to pay our proxies to engage in this mayhem. essentially saying, you know, the maximum pressure campaign of the trump administration was working, and iran was, you know, less dangerous than they had been at any point in time. and i think what's unfortunate, maria, is all of that intelligence which spoke so clearly was sheared with the biden administration -- shared with the biden administration. they were very much aware of that. unfortunately, it's this disturbing trend where they simply just ignored the intelligence. they ignored it in afghanistan and it led to disaster there, they ignored the intelligence at our southern border, it led tost disaster there, and they ignored the intention in the middle east, and it's not being hyperbolic to say we're on the verge of a war in the middle east. and, you know, to underscore just how, what a colossal failure the biden administration
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policy on iran is, is literally two weeks before this atrocity against both israelis and americans took place, you had president biden's national security adviser, jake sullivan, bragging ab how great things were in the middle east saying it had never been quieter and he wasn't having to spend think time in the middle east. and so it really underscores, you know, the failure of the biden policy in iran. and it's actually worse than what they did in afghanistan. look, 13 americans died needlessly because they didn't follow what tour intelligence told us about a conditions-based withdrawal in afghanistan. thirty americans were butchered by hamas in these attacks two weeks ago. and i just, you know, again, it's just unfortunate and a disturbing trend from this administration not to listen to the intelligence that was so clear. maria: and you gave them that that intelligence on the way out, didn't you? i mean, you explained all of
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this to your successor. >> very clearly. i mean, you know, the intelligence on this was uni give call -- unequivocal, and that was iran was essentially broke. they were saying that themselves in the communications that we were able to listen to. 9 and the biden administration was very aware of that, and yet they reversed course. and, you know, you wonder why, maria? if well, what senator cruz just told you is now the inescapable truth. it turns out that iran was negotiating with iran, that in talking with the biden administration it was to-iranian, anti-israeli negotiators on everything from nuclear negotiations to hostage a negotiations. and, you know, as we all sat there and wondered why such a bad deal, why would the biden administration enter into such a
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bad deal with iran time and time again, we now know that there was a successful iranian influence campaign and that that, you know, as the senator talked about not one, not two, not three, but four different -- at least -- iranian operatives essentially working within the biden administration even on things like our special operations against iran. maria: right. >> at the same time that they're communicating with with the iranian foreign minister. it's just, it's really appalling, and it's one of the reasons, maria, that secretary pompeo and others and myself, you know, have urged in a letter to this add administration to put our national security in front of their political interests to address that problem. maria: well, we've been trying to get this administration to put national security as the priority since he walked into the oval office but to no avail. look at the wide open border. we've got terrorists coming in. but, john, i want to get your take the on the ammunition here and who has the capacity to
11:20 am
empower hamas with these weapons. you know this, you've seen the data, you've seen the classified information in terms of who specifically has these weapons. we're talking about a new axis of evil, aren't we? we're talking about iran, russia, china the, north korea. and i also wanted to get your take in terms of the people working within the administration right now. you said iran negotiating with iran. >> absolutely. and that's what's troubling, is that, you know, some of those folks with top secret cheernses are aware of, you know, they should not have access to the decisions that that we're making against iran right now when they're sympathizing with iran. but to the issue of weapons, apartment of what makes this, you know, we're in uncharted waters, maria, and israel is facing something that no one really can tell you how this is going to play out because, you know, we're all aware of the
11:21 am
fact that israel's going to go in with some sort of ground invasion into gaza, but the greater threat is to the north with hezbollah. you know, instead of homemade rockets which is what hamas has, hezbollah has a fighting force of 100,000, they have somewhere between 75,000-130,000 precision-guided missiles. here's why that's important, maria. unlike the hamas rocket that just went astray and took out a hospital, a precision-guided missile or drone can hit a target from hundreds of miles away within 5-10 meters. and that is what hezbollah has the capacity to rain on israel's iron dome. and we just don't know whether that defense system will hold up against that. maria: yeah. >> that's before we even get into the potential ballistic missiles from iran. maria: yeah. we're going to be talking about the abraham accords coming up in the program. this was peace, and we were hoping for peace throughout the middle east with the abraham accords which was engineered -- >> we had peace.
11:22 am
maria: -- by the trump administration. while all of this was going if on, what was happening in china? the communist party of china was meeting with vladimir putin. >> this is without a doubt -- this has without a doubt helped they that that militarily, economically, diplomatically. maria: yes. >> absolutely. maria: john, thank you. >> the chinese are very are happy about the developments in the middle east. you bet, maria. maria: good to see you, sir. quick break, and then the military preparing for a ground assault against hamas following that october 7th terrorist attack. retired u.s. army brigadier general anthony tata is here on the instability across the middle east. hamas in gaza, hezbollah are coming from the north and the potential of syria looming as a well. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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11:27 am
joining me right now the retired army u.s. brigadier general anthony tata, author of "total empire," out right now. general, thanks very much for being here in this morning. we've been talking about this war, and is i want to get your take on how much confidence can you have that israel can actually win this. i know that there is confidence that israel can blow out hamas, but what about all of these other fronts that israel is facing? hezbollah in the north, pebble for a broader conflict -- potential for a broader conflict with syria potentially getting involved as well. >> yeah, thank you, maria. great to to be with you. israel has a three-front war, essentially, the tactical fight with hamas, operational fight up in the north in the golan with hezbollah and then the iran is their strategic fight. and so the idf, israeli defense force, is very, very capable. i have full confidence in their military and their unity of action with their leadership all
11:28 am
the way down through their con description army -- conscription army where everybody in the nation serves. morale is important here when you're surrounded by enemies that want to annihilate you. what i would say is the united states has a role to play here k and that is in severing iran from the equation as much as possible. iran is funding the hamas and hezbollah, providing them with russian and chinese munitions, precision-guided munitions that are able to come very close to the that target that they want to hit. and so it potentially could overwhelm the iron dome. and so i think if there's smuggles action from iran, hezbollah and and hamas, that's where israel and the idf may get overwhelmed. so the united states needs to begin negotiating and using diplomacy, or military, economic sanctions against iran to move
11:29 am
them away are from this. but for some reason this administration has been real reticent to call iran out for what they are obviously doing, even attacking our soldiers through shia are militia groups in iraq. maria: it's unbelievable that they refuse to connect the dots because they are embarrassed by their support of the iranians in the last two and a half years. general, do you see think scenario where u.s. boots will be on the ground in israel to support israel? >> well, maria, i certainly hope not. i think the idf would hope not too. i think if there is any role to may, i can remember that we had some patriot missile batteries and so forth in there when we were doing our gulf operations to our own purposes. it would be in that type of role, logistics, missile defense, intelligence. those types of functions. but i think there's a real, a high level, a high standard that that needs to be hit before we commit those kinds of troops.
11:30 am
you know, we've got the marine expeditionary unit moving through the mediterranean. they unplugged from an exercise with morocco and are headed that that a way. maria: yeah. >> so i appreciate the administration moving forces into the region that can begin to the deter iran. maria: general, what do you think about these hostages? i want to be real clear here, there is a total of 212 hostages right now including about a dozen americans that we are told. how are we going to get those hostages out in. >> yeah. brutal savages killed, raped women, men, children and then took these hostages. it's unbelievable that we're not really talking about it. what i would assume is happening given my past experience in the dod is that we've got our special operations forces, delta, navy seals, etc.,
11:31 am
martialing somewhere. we've got intelligence preparation on the battlefield happening perhaps in concert with israel trying to pinpoint is and locate where we're able to use imagery and other types of intelligence to find the exact locations and then move in wittily and retrieve them. that's what i hope is happening. maria: okay. general, thanks very much for weighing in on all of this. good to talk with you this morning, retired u.s. army brigadier general anthony data. thank you, sir. >> thank you, maria. maria: quick break, and then the threat to america's homeland with more than 1.5 million foreigners entering the country undetected through the wide open border, texas attorney general ken paxton and iowa attorney general brenna bird on the threat of a terrorist attack at home due to biden's open southern border policy. that's next. muck ♪
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>> this is not a wake-up call to the people of arizona and america that what's happening in israel, this attack from terrorists, won't happen here, then people have got to all pull their head out from the sand because we have seen thousands of crossings. you just showed some of the figures, illegal immigrants tied to these terrorist countries. it's not a matter of if it happens, it's when it happens. it's a national security risk. maria: and that is arizona senate candidate kari lake with me last weekend on this program on the impact of biden's southern border policy on national security. sources within customs and border protection telling fox news that in the first 14 days of the new fiscal year, border patrol has apprehended more than 30 iranians, nearly 60 syrians, 35 pakistanis, over 100 russians, 285 afghans and nearly 2,000 chinese migrants, all military age men at the southern border. joining me right now is texas
11:37 am
attorney general ken paxton and iowa attorney general brenna bird. a.g.s, thank you for being here. just yesterday we learned theory 2.5 million people illegally crossed the border for the just-completed fiscal year, the highest number ever on record. ken paxton, what has been the impact? as we know 7 million people have come into america illegally on joe biden's watch. >> well, it's taken a huge economic impact on us. we've spent billions of dollars trying to defend our border, billions of dollars on education, health care. crime is has increased dramatically as a result and, of course, many, many of our children are dying from fentanyl overdoses because the border's wide open. it's having a dramatic impact on my state. i know that this is not staying in texas. this is going to impact the entire country for not just years, i think decades to come. maria: this is incredible. brenna bird, weigh in hear and give us a sense of what you as an a.g. can do about it.
11:38 am
ken paxton, i know you're about to put more lawsuits pushing back against this federal government. you've been suing the administration. brenna, what can you do? >> yeah. well, we joined together and work with other a.g.s to hold the biden administration accountable by suing them. they need to fulfill their constitutional duty to secure the border, and if they won't do it, we will take them to court. and, you know, here in iowa we're a long way from the southern border, but the impacts are felt here. every state's a border state now because of the absolute failure of the biden administration to secure our border. maria: you just last week endorsed former president trump. obviously as soon as joe biden came into the oval office, he reversed all of the trump policies at the border. your thoughts on the likelihood that trump gets in and reverses this again. >> well, i endorsed president trump because he's going to fire
11:39 am
joe biden and win our country back. and he will secure the border, we know the that he did that as president. we desperately need that because we're going to pay for biden's border failures for a long time whether it's the drug cartels, the how many trafficking, the crime -- the human trafficking, the crime or the terrorists that are crossing the southern border. president trump is going the keep us safe. maria: what do you think, ken paxton, in terms of what you can actually do in texas as the a.g.? >> well, look, we're limited to some degree by a u.s. supreme court decision. we're hoping that as my legislature's trying to pass a bill that would allow us to arrest people that are coming into our country illegally, coming into our state, that we'll have an opportunity to challenge that supreme court from decision so that states are not left on the sidelines as the federal government doesn't enforce their own laws and then tells us we can't enforce laws to protect our citizens. so i'm hopeful as we move through the next couple of months we'll have the opportunity to challenge that law and defend our own borders
11:40 am
and defend our people from the consequences of what the biden administration's doing right now. maria: who hears those lawsuits, ken? tell us the process in terms of how this plays out and how long. >> so it's, unfortunately, i wish it was a fast process, but typically we'll file our lawsuit in a federal district court somewhere in texas. we've been very successful at winning those cases. i think we've won over 70% of our cases against the the biden administration. and then typically when they lose, it's a appealed to the fifth circuit, is and whoever loses that appeals to the u.s. supreme court. some of our cases have gone up there. we've been successful on some, not on others. but i'm really hopeful about this potential case in the future where we can have the opportunity to protect our own citizens when the federal government won't do it. maria: yeah. and, brem, this a, you've said you believe trump is going to win the iowa caucuses. what about all of these lawsuits that he's facing? he's got four indictments that he's dealing with right now. how do you see that playing out,
11:41 am
and how can you say with confidence that he'll win the iowa caucuses given the barriers that that they've put in front of him with these indictments? >> well, i -- he is very popular in iowa because people remember what it was like when donald trump was president. they were better off. our border was safer, he taught for farmers. he's very popular here in iowa. as far as the rest of it, you know, as a prosecutor i believe that politics has no place in prosecution. and what i'm seeing what is happening with politically motivated prosecutions against president trump, it breaks my heart as a prosecutor to see that because politics belongs at the ballot box, not in front of a criminal indictment in front of a jury. that's wrong, and it breaks down the rule of law in our country. i don't like to see that. it's not right. maria: well, i know that these indictments play out over time, but they'd like to have a trial before actually the election.
11:42 am
do you think that's, do you think that's possible? if. >> i think that we have to look at the motivations there. the whole motivations for those cases, they're all politically based. if he wasn't running for president again, i don't think he'd be indicted at all. so i commend president trump for fighting back and fighting through all of this. it's not right for the criminal legal process to be used as a political weapon. that is wrong. it will hurt our country and break down the rule of law. maria: final word, ken paxton. >> look, this is a huge problem for our state, our country. i'm very encouraged by the fact that donald trump's doing so well in the polls. i hope that we can get a president like him and we can go back to to policies and laws that are being enforced that will protect my state and the rest of the country, and i'm very hopeful that that can happen. maria: we'll be watching. thanks very much, ken paxton and brenna bird joining us. thank you so much. quick break and then two
11:43 am
wars happening at a fragile time for the united states as the house of representatives is still without a speaker. the national debt spiking to $33.5 trillion, and the u.s. faces yet another government shutdown with less than a month until the government runs out of tack payer money. former house intelligence committee chairman devin nuñes assesses the field when we come back. ♪ after advil. feeling better? on top of the worlddddd!!! before advil. advil targets pain at the source of inflammation. when pain comes for you, come back fast with advil liqui-gels. [ applause ] the day you get your clearchoice dental implants changes your struggle with missing teeth forever. it changes how you eat, how you feel, and how you enjoy life. it changes your smile and how others smile at you. clearchoice network doctors have changed over 100,000 lives with dental implants, and they can change yours, too.
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>> i call for the question, ask for unanimous consent, not the results, and i thanked every one of our colleagues and said i will work as hard as i can to help all of you, help our, help our team, help us get a new speaker and go do the work that the american people want us to do. and that's what i'm going to do. maria: and that was house judiciary committee chairman and former speaker nominee jim jordan. he pulled out of the race for speaker on friday after failing to get the votes. new names now emerging going into the new week where we are
11:48 am
expecting another speaker's forum. congress now has just 26 days left before government funding runs out and we face another government shutdown. joining me right now is the house intelligence committee chairman, devin nuñes, thousand the ceo of trump media and technology group which owns social media site truth social. devin, thanks very much for being here. these are all your former colleagues. you were there. give us a sense of what can can't be done, how congress is actually at a stalemate without a speaker as we are facing a crisis in israel. >> well, clearly, what is not being done right now is subpoenas are not being honored by the biden administration. and most of the corruption you see throughout government, most of the investigations that the republicans have that are ongoing involve the biden administration. so the biden administration is loving this. i mean, so much so you talk about israel, they did something that's so are preposterous this past week which is where they tied ukraine funding to the
11:49 am
israeli funding, us isis -- israeli war funding, and they're very brazen about it. you have this situation with some two dozen hostages, three dozen americans being hilled, the atrocities that were committed against the innocent israeli people, all of this is coming out, and and biden is so brazen that he goes out and gives one of the worst speeches that i've ever seen the in my congressional career and my time watching politics essentially saying, yeah, israel's bad, but look at all of this stuff over here, the shiny ball with russia and ukraine. meanwhile, 24/7 information on the israeli war, which is good. we should be seeing that. but, look, i was the chair of the house intelligence committee. i'm not -- i have trouble finding any information about ukraine and russia. and for a party that has long talked about wanting to go and make peace, where is the olive branch to both ukraine and russia trying to put this back together and stop that war as
11:50 am
another war ensues that, as john ratcliffe just said and i totally agree with him, the middle east is on the verge of a mass scale war like we have been seen in many generations. maria: well, we're going backwards. we're now talking about heads being chopped off. the way we were with isis. >> right. maria: and we're talking about this once again. and we've seen the atrocities online as well from a hamas and the proxies of iran. >> yeah. look, i think if -- as you well know, kind of the first reports in the fog of war can be wrong, but it does appear like the reports that are coming out of israel seem to be even more brutal than isis. where where you have old people being shot, a lot of this has been reported. clearly, the record, the historical record here is going to be one of the biggest atrocities, most outrageous atrocities that we've seen in a long time on the planet. maria: yeah. i want to get your take on china
11:51 am
and where the communist party fits in here, devin, because while you were in congress you did a lot of studying and a huge investigation into communist china. so let's take a short break. i want to talk about these migrants being apprehended at the southern border and why so many of them are military-aged men from communist china. stay with us, we're talking with former house intel chairman devin nuñes. we'll be right back. the virus that causes shingles is sleeping... in 99% of people over 50. and it could strike at any time. think you're not at risk? wake up. because shingles could wake up in you. if you're over 50, talk to your doctor or pharmacist about shingles prevention. this thing, it's making me get an ice bath again.
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goli, taste your goals. i move so much better because of cosentyx. maria: welcome back. i am back with former house intelligence committee chairman devin nuñes. devin, you did a very in depth investigation into communist china when you were the chairman of the intel committee. i want to get your take on what griff jenkins is reporting. he's at the border, and he says that cbp sources told him that nearly 2,000 chinese migrants have been apprehended at the southern border. china, 7,000 miles away from the united states, they are coming through the southern border, and these are military-aged men. what do you make of this? this is just 14 days. this number is astonishing. 2,000 people in 14 days, devin. from the beginning of the fiscal year. >> this has been gown on for a
11:56 am
while. this -- going on for a while. this issue has been covered up really by the fake news and the biden administration. they knew these chinese nationals were coming in months ago. look, maria, i don't even get intelligence reports anymore, but you can see reports from all over the globe, you can see the pictures, the videos of chinese nationals, military-age ad, just like you said. this is real, and it's been happening for months. and everyone knew they were eventually going to headache their way to the border and cross the border. and, look, it's not just china, there's over 100 different countries. and you only have to look, think about what we've seen in this country, something that the you would not have seen some 15 or to 20 yearsing ago. you had pro-palestinian, pro-hamas demonstrations going on not only in all of the big cities, you actually had it shut down the united states congress, shut down independence avenue in congress led by members of congress who are essentially pro-a hamas who, you know -- and this is another thing -- maria: unbelievable. >> -- in this whole discussion,
11:57 am
maria. maria: yeah. >> you have, everybody's complaining about the israelis, the hospital which turned out to be fake news, but what they're not talking about is, is they were celebrating this before the israelis started bombing gaza. celebrations were going on around the world of this devastation. maria: devin, than meet the jennifers. jen x. jen y. and jen z. each planning their future through the chase mobile app. jen x is planning a summer in portugal with some help from j.p. morgan wealth plan. let's go whiskers. jen y is working with a banker to budget for her birthday. you only turn 30 once. and jen z? her credit's golden. hello new apartment. three jens getting ahead with chase. solutions that grow with you.
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